The Purpose


Its been more than 18 years, i have never seen my family. My mother and sister are in Tibet. And i am here in India. I was sent to India when i was thirteen years old. At that time i don't know why i was sent here. Sometime i even wonder may be they don't like me so that's why they left me. But as i getting older i can understand why i am here; the purpose.

Our Country Tibet was invaded by Communist China in 1959. Our supreme leader His Holiness The Dalai Lama and about 10,000s Tibetan people fled to India. And here we are living a life of Refugee.

We have our own Exile Tibetan Government to look after the welfare of Tibetan People and School to educate the future seed of Tibet.
Here in India, we can enjoy utmost freedom and preserve our identity, our unique culture, history and language. Our family and other fellow Tibetans are facing great difficulties under the reign of Cummunist China.